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Signet Electric Field Marking Trolley

  • Battery powered electric field marking machine for use with Signet field marking paint
  • High-flow pump provides consistent paint delivery and superior line coverage
  • Professional linemarking tip provides crisp lines while being easy to clean and change
  • Height adjustable spray typ for line widths between 50-150mm
  • Front or side spraying options
  • Large 20L tank with aperture filter
  • Accessory box for storing spray cans, marking accessories and drinks
  • Heavy duty battery with easy plug and go charger
  • Folding handle and battery life indicator
  • Easy clean pump - connect a garden hose and flush completely for extended pump life
  • Tank has a bung for easy flushing

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Field marking Field marking Field marking

Signet Field Marking Paint

  • Water based paint for marking sporting fields and pitches of all codes
  • Safe to use on all types of grass without causing damage or browning
  • Exclusively designed by Signet to provide brighter, longer lasting lines on Australian sporting fields and pitches
  • Strong colour is effective in covering grass undertones in fewer coats
  • 15L bucket makes 75L of final product
  • Mixes 4 parts water to 1 part paint to provide optimal line colour and consistency
  • For use with battery powered, and transfer style, line marking machines of all brands
  • Made in Australia
  • 15 minutes drying time in the sun
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Field marking Field marking Field marking